India-U.S. Business Partners (IUSBP) is an international strategic advisory firm, founded and based in Boston, Massachusetts with capabilities across India via reputable alliance partners. ​We provide a full service strategic and business advisory services to companies seeking to excel in India and in the United States. We focus on securing new business and expanding business opportunities for our clients. We work on growing our clients’ revenue through new business acquisitions, strategic marketing and direct sales.

We offer strategic consulting based on extensive experience in the U.S. and India business/government arena. We work with companies to develop and implement their strategic plans and help them solve problems, expand their business, navigate complex regulatory matters, manage risk, identify and strengthen alliances, and overcome political and business uncertainty. We are dedicated to helping U.S. companies succeed in investing in India and assisting Indian companies navigate the complex regulatory environment in the United States.


India-U.S. Business Partners (IUSBP) is a global organization, with offices and employees around India and the United States. Our policy experts in both countries are in a unique position to address the increasingly complex needs of our member companies.


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Strategic Advocacy

After understanding the objective(s) of the client, India-U.S. Business Partners will avail the client of the professional expertise of a member(s) of our Advisory Council. After scheduling and hosting either a face to face or video conference meeting (or more, if necessary), we will help develop the strategy for achieving the stated objective(s).  The initial consultation is obligation-free by the client. Then, based on the outcome of the meeting(s), the client will, in its sole discretion, agree to advance the relationship through a formal plan and, as appropriate, with negotiated compensation.

Market Expansion and Entry

India-U.S. Business Partners has the capacity to assists its clients in developing targeted inter-continental market entry and expansion strategies. We leverage our unique insights, diverse experiences and high-level contacts in the public and private sectors to provide the intelligence and resources necessary to develop market access and expansion. Fundamental to our approach IUSBP Partners will identify strategic local partners in market and conduct due diligence on benefits or risks of engagement and help form relationships between clients and key influencers and decision-makers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Business and politics are interwoven in the markets of Asia. India-U.S. Business Partners supports companies with our suite of government relations and stakeholder engagement expertise that leverage our unique network to help clients excel from public sector sales campaigns to large-scale investments or B2B sales. We provide clients with not only the blueprint and guidance, but also the hands-on action plan to succeed.

Snapshot of Professional Advisory Services

On the Ground Deployment Capabilities

  • Help clients execute strategies through deployment of the firm’s senior most Partners to lead commercial diplomacy efforts
  • Real-time support and around the clock capacity
  • Conduct executive briefings with on-call support from all members of our team

Public Sector Sales

  • Strategize sales campaigns within government procurement priorities
  • Shape the policy context to enhance sales success
  • Facilitate strategic partnerships with trusted local enterprises

Stakeholder Assessment

  • Identify political leaders, regulators, corporate strategic partners, and influencers
  • Conduct due diligence on potential strategic partners
  • Deliver political insights on the current and future landscape in specific markets and across the region

Government Relations

  • Design government relations strategies to advance key objectives
  • Provide context on key stakeholders

Case Study Example

After working with members of our Advisory Council, a U.S. Company that manufactures a portable water purification system for use in remote areas is negotiating a contract to supply several towns in an Indian Province to install and maintain these units for use by the residents of the communities.


India-U.S. Business Partners (IUSBP), Inc. is now accepting applications on a rolling basis for an Analyst to join our Boston office. This analyst will support the firm across a wide range of sectors. All interested candidates should submit a cover letter, and a resume to