KV Kumar is the recipient of many prestigious honors and awards including Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2015. He is an ardent supporter of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs and a tireless volunteer for community service. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards and honors including one of 100 Most Influential Multi-Cultural Business leaders. In 2009; Brain Injury Association (USA) honored him for his Unheralded Advocacy, for his efforts which led to the enactment of 1996 Traumatic Brain Injury Act by U.S. Congress; U.S. Selective Service awarded the Bronze Medal for Kumar’s service. Mr. Kumar is one of 250 featured in “Notable Asian Americans”.

KV Kumar is the epitome of volunteerism. He has served as a volunteer for over 147,000 hours or more than 16 years of volunteer work. He has served tirelessly and continues to serve the small businesses, entrepreneurs, mentorship, people with brain injury, women and youth advancement and service to the community organizations and individuals with a need for help.